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At Valley Tub our mission is simple

~ To Go Above And Beyond~ 




A Bit About Us


Valley Tub is a local, family owned and operated hot tub business started in beautiful Missoula, Montana. We service all makes and models of hot tubs and spas. At Valley Tub we provide professional, quality service repair work and water care at competitive  prices.


Is your hot tub not functioning properly? Our experienced technician, from Valley Tub of Missoula, Montana is available for all of your hot tub needs.

Need your spa deep cleaned or just drained and filled? Give us a call and let our friendly service get your hot tub fresh and ready to enjoy again.

Ready to replace your hot tub cover or add an accessory to your jacuzzi? At Valley Tub  we pride ourselves in offering high quality, affordable hot tub covers and spa accessories in Missoula, Hamilton, Florence and Lolo, Montana.

At Valley Tub of Missoula, Montana we also offer weekly water maintenance programs and sales of chemicals, hot tub filters and hot tub parts and plumbing installation.


Our goal at Valley Tub has always been to go above and beyond in bringing the highest quality of service to Missoula, Hamilton, Lolo, Florence, and the surrounding Montana areas. Call us today for all of your hot tub needs.

Let Us Do the Work So You Don't Have To!

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Areas of Service


Repair Service

Spa not powering up? Error codes, Leaks, or jets not working?

  • We Service all makes and models.

  • Service call includes evaluation 

  • Pay by the hour, up to three hours and a minimum of one hour

  • If we estimate it will take more then three hours we will give you a written estimate.

***Call to make an appointment


Deep Cleanings

Recommended every 90-120 days

  • Draining Water

  • Cleaning all surfaces

  • Cleaning cover

  • rinse filters

  • refill

  • balance water chems included





***Call for Pricing and availability 


Deep Cleaning PLUS

Everything to the left +PLUS

  • Flush all plumbing with an additive that removes biofilm









***Highly recommend this service for older spas or spas that have been dirty for some time.

"Valley Tub cleaned our hot tub and helped us to get the different products to maintain the quality of the water. We are very satisfied with their service. They took the time to thoroughly clean it. Also, the technician counseled us on how to keep the water at the appropriate PH level. We are very satisfied with their service."

Dara and Family

"Josiah, owner of Valley Tub, has been coming weekly to "manage" our hot tub for over 2.5 years. I am telling you.....he has been here in rain, sleet, freezing cold, roasting hot, you name it. He puts his headlamp in the pitch dark in the middle of winter to make sure everything is perfect. His very reasonable monthly fee covers all the chemicals, his time, draining and flushing on a quarterly basis, and lots of other stuff."


We Want to Hear From You

Your Hot Tub Specialist

Let us answer all your hot tub questions.

346 Stagecoach trail Florence Mt 59833

(406) 261-6550

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